How to write a perfect blog post  8 Step to make your blog UNIQUE
How to write a perfect blog post  8 Step to make your blog UNIQUE
How to write a perfect blog post ? 8 Step to make your blog unique.
What is perfect blog post ? All of you want to know about it. Well today in this post I am going to tell about How to write a unique blog post.
                                                         About perfect blog post
Perfect or unique blog post writing is hard but not impossible. Because A great man told that nothing is impossible in world.
Perfect or Unique post is very  usefull for owner and user. Google always want Unique blog Post. If your blog is unique than Google allow you to in Google AdSense approval with hundred percent guaranteed. Google also like unique blog post in Google search engine SEO and unique and perfect blog post can easily rank on Google Yahoo Bing .etc.
                                                    How to write perfect blog post ?
                                                    How to write unique blog post ?
                          For writing Unique blog post, You should not copy and paste any content.

  1. Write your own article
  2. Don't use copyrighted image.
  3. Don't copy and paste any article
  4. Write post neat and clean.
  5. Check your grammar of post.
  6. Use keywords in post.
  7.  Write your own feedback on post.
  8. Highlight and bold text which is main keyword
  9. Yes you unique unique post is ready

                                                Come we understand properly

  • Write your own article

Own Article means you are writing own word and sentence in post. By researching you are providing good post to user. Before published the post read carefully if you liked your post then user can also like your post .

  •  Don't use copyrighted image

 This is important things which make article unique. We should not use any Image from Google or anywhere .We should make own image with the help of  Photoshop  .etc . I have written post that How you can make an image. click here to read

  • Don't copy and paste any articles

Many of you do always or sometimes copy and paste method but if you also do same thing then your post can"t be unique.So don't copy and paste any article from anywhere.It has very disadvantage of copy and paste Google AdSense not getting approval in copy and paste method easily.

  • Write post neat and clean

We can write in normal fonts not using too much colour or other Fonts.User will not study your article. Google AdSense and ranking in Google highlight Keyword in your article.

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