We're talking about How to create the perfect post so what are all the different elements of a post that is just awesome and can really bring a lot of readers in this blog is not going to be too long because I feel like you don't have to over complicate things it doesn't take too many elements to really create the perfect post I certainly try to include all of these if I can but if you can't just try to include as many as possible okay so grab a pen and paper and let's just dive into this element number one and out of this world purpose nobody has time for fluff bows okay there's nothing more obnoxious than getting on a website or getting an email from somebody saying hey come check out my latest post it's really awesome but it doesn't really have any sort of purpose it's not solving a problem it's not any sort of important blog update or anything like that it was just kind of thrown out there because they felt like oh I hadn't written in a long time I should probably get something out there and they just threw in what I consider a fluff post it's a waste of your time and it's a waste of their time so make sure that every single blog post has an out-of-this-world purpose element number two a subscriber incentive now this doesn't mean that if you write 50 posts you have to have 50 different subscriber incentives I don't believe in that nobody has time for that kind of stuff but what I like to do and what I hope that you're doing is you have a niche that's specific enough that you can kind of apply the same subscriber incentive to multiple blog posts so let's say for example that you have a personal finance spreadsheet and it's used to track all of you know someone's income and expenses so you write about budgeting you write about the myths about personal finance you write about different tips about saving that spreadsheet could easily be offered in all of those blog posts it's not like you had to create three different spreadsheets and it's important to offer a subscriber incentive and as many blog posts as you possibly can simply because if you're part of my group you're definitely creating some sort of product or service in the future if you don't already have one and having a list of potential customers is so valuable it's such an overlooked asset by a lot of bloggers and it's a shame because having an email list just kind of gives you that boost to making more sales element number three you need to have an engaging headline and introduction now as far as the headlines are concerned I recommend trying to find some good keywords you can do that simply by using Google's keyword planner but the important thing here is just not to make it so dry there's somebody dry headlines out there on blogs and because of the mass number of blogs that exist nowadays it just kind of looks a little boring so spice it up a little bit throw your personality in there don't be shy and definitely try to get a keyword in there that can help you stand out as far as SEO is concerned the second part of that is just to make sure you have a really great introduction so most times when people hop on your blog and they see your blog posts you have about you know two or three seconds to really capture their attention and make them read the entire thing that's hard to do if they're scrolling through Pinterest and you're one of a thousand pins it's going to be hard to capture their attention and that introduction is what really helps sell your blog post the fourth element is simply having a short summary within the post so a lot of us are very busy when we pop onto your blogs I have a lot of bloggers that I love to read but I'm a busy woman I've got a toddler running a business I want to read your blog posts but it would make it very easy on me if you simply provided an easy summary so this could be different bullet points or just a short summary at the end but definitely include it so that they can absorb the information in as short a time as possible if they really have to the fifth thing I recommend is having what I consider needy content so I hate when somebody writes a blog post and it sounds amazing and then you get there and it's obvious that they wanted to write the blog post but they just kind of got tired or exhausted and it just doesn't have a whole lot of meat to it you know it doesn't have a whole lot of value make sure you're providing a ton of value and then also kind of break things up by using bullet points or different heading sizes to make it much more visually appealing to anybody who might be reading the sixth element I recommend having is a pinnable social media friendly graphic if this is applicable to your niche so I use Pinterest a lot simply because it's very beneficial for me it's brought in a lot of traffic you don't have to use Pinterest but you should have an appealing graphic in some way this is a visual world and we love seeing graphics that are beautiful or you know very enticing and just kind of make us want to stick around and read the content you should definitely include one in every single one of your posts the last element I recommend is having any sort of applicable external links or interlinking between your posts so just to clarify if you have two different posts about budgeting you would include a link to both of them in either posts so this post would link to that post and that post would link to this post at the end or within any portion of your blog posts you can say hey if you're interested in this here is a related post on XYZ and then you would include a link to it there this is great because it helps keep people on your site longer but it also makes the job a little bit easier for the reader so maybe they love reading about budgeting and they want to read all of your articles but they're on a smartphone or a tablet and you know it would be harder for them to try to find all of your blog posts on that category make it easy for them and just link to it within the post so that wraps it up for this question I hope this was helpful if you have something in particular about blogging or business that you'd like to see please feel free to reach out to me getting your emails is my favorite part of the day so keep them coming I love to hear from you guys and I will see you next time.
How to create the perfect blogs post in Blogger ?