How Google earn money? Case study on Google
How Google earn money? Case study on Google 
How Google earn money? Case study on Google
Welcome to in this post you will know about how Google earn money . This post is for education purpose
In today life we all use Google for entertainment education and much more .But have you think how Google earn money? And how Google search works? If not then this post is for you . You should know about it . If you want to know how Google search engine works? Then click here to read............
How Google earn money? Google earn money from many services . When we search on Google then we see their ads in search result when user click on ads then Google gets money by advertisers .We use any website in daily life if you will notice then you will find their ads on website is shown to you from their Google earn money and Google earn money by providing many services like domain Google admob Drive etc and much more .Google has launched many apps from their Google earn money. Suppose we made a software apps we monetize our apps with Google admob then Google earn money from their .Google earn money from Youtube Chrome and much more. If you have noticed that in YouTube when we open YouTube app or website we see ads on the top from their Google earn money. Not only Google earn money by showing ads but Google earn money by launching his own Smartphone launching her own car and Google Assistant and much more .
                                                                     Case study on Google
Google was made by two friend they was studying in Engineering .One day they think about it and they make the Google in under 3 years in 1998. Google was being published on 4/09/1998 in Menlo Park, California .The founder of Google is Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Number of employees:- 85,050(Q1 2018) .
How Google become success?
Google become success because Google always plan his future and Google always want to be user friendly. Google design is super and user friendly and responsive .Google provide many free services like Gmail YouTube Chrome Google Plus and much more. Google acquired 231 companies till now. I am not going to tell names of company because this post will be long. Google buy Android platform. In Android platform apps is more than 25 lacs as we know that Android is most used important things. We use Android platform after that Google buy iOS platform. Google gives training to developer in free of cost about how to build software website and much more that's why many developer develop Android apps and Android platform become more powerful day by day and Google also become powerful day by day. In starting they face many problem but they didn't want to lose in any way at any of cost .Google not force on her Profit but they forced on what user want .So that Google become more powerful day by day .Now Google has many tools like Gmail YouTube Chrome Google Plus and much more .Google in future can be at number one platform .When Google upgrade her Google Plus .Because Google Plus is not used by user. I think in future it will be powerful that's all this is reason which makes Google number one.
                                                Once again we would like to remember that what we learn in this post .In this post we learn about how Google search engine works? how Google earn money ? how Google Google become success? Case study on Google.
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