FaceApp has been downloaded 1.5 million times, so far 1.5 million times. Because of this, users are also threatening to leak personal information. asianguruji
FaceApp has been downloaded 1.5 million times, so far 1.5 million times. Because of this, users are also threatening to leak personal information
FaceApp is quite in discussions these days, this app has become so popular for the past few days that it has so far downloaded 15 million ie 1.5 million times. People are getting very crazy about this app on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. People can see their 50-year-old look through this app. Because of that, people are sharing their photo after 50 years on social media. That is why this trend is becoming a trend. Celebrity or politician or common man, all this has become a part of this app.

How does FaceApp work?

People feel that this app is being filtered and filtered through the app. Actually this app does not work on any filter. It uses an Artificial Intelligence, which has a photo-altering feature. This photo-altering feature presents any image by morph or alter. Because of that, a picture is created similar to the picture of your future (future). Apart from this, there are other types of filters in it. In the last few days, the way this app is created and people are downloading it. The developers of this app also have access to the data of those users, which can be done later by the misuse.

Permission to collect personal information

If you explain in simple language, then say that you are giving licenses to this app to use personal information such as photos, media, username, etc. on your social media platform, which is a matter of concern. Many cyber experts believe that this app can use your personal photos commercially because you have licensed this app to use your personal photo. If you read the privacy policy of this app then it clearly states that the app can use your personal information.

    If you use #FaceApp you are giving your photos, your name, your username, and your likeness for commercial purposes (like on a billboard or internet ad) - see their terms: https: // t.co/e0sTgzowoN
    - Elizabeth Potts Weinstein (@ElizabethPW) July 17, 2019

Is Faceapp safe?

In most of the social media platforms, it is clearly written that if you share any content on the platform, then it can be used commercially. However, this FaceAp can also be more dangerous because it also has permission for your device's camera app. This means that this app can also upload other photos in your device's library to your server. Now, in your mind, the question is going to be whether this app is safe for us? The direct answer to this question would be that this app is not safe for you.

How To Protect Your Personal Information?

This app is not safe like the ones you use every day. If you are worried about this app then there are many apps that collect your personal information in a similar way and you do not even know. Now, the question arises in your mind how to prevent FaceApp or any other app from collecting your personal information?

There is also a direct response that if there is any app, you can not give any permissions to any app. If you have given it by mistake, then go to the settings of your smartphone and get the permissions removed. For this you have to select the app in the settings of the smartphone. After selecting the app, you will need to go to App Info and delete the permissions. By doing this you can prevent any app from collecting your personal information.