Bug found on Instagram, company gives 20 lakh rupees to Indian youth.

Generally, people use Social Media Platform Instagram to share their photos but do you know, a lack of this instantagram has given the Indian youth Rs 20 lakhs to the Facebook-owned company?

Indeed, a young man in Chennai found a deficiency in the protection of Instagram, which is called a bug in technical language.  For this, Facebook gave the youth a reward of 20 lakh rupees and promised to end the problem of that bug.
Lakshman Muthiah, who works for Cyber ​​Security, told the security team of Facebook that the standard of the company created for the protection of Instagram users could be broken.  For this he also gave evidence and sent the video to Facebook.  In this, Laxman said that it is possible to reset the password on Instagram account, send a recovery code request, and hack the account through the recovery code.

After this, the security team of Facebook and Instagram checked the problem and gave 20 lakh rupees as reward to Laxman to find the bug.  Earlier, Laxman Muthiah has also found such a bug in Facebook.

Explain that Facebook keeps giving such a challenge to the youth interested in technology, in which they have to find a bug and the company also gives a good reward to those who do it.