Multiple bank accounts can be created due to the problem, know what can be the loss.

Shwetambar has salary accounts with many zero balances.  When he opened these accounts he had to change his job in different cities.  Due to SIP and EMI etc. linked to these different bank accounts, it is unable to close these accounts.  How can he now reduce the number of his bank accounts?
Will Shwetambar benefit from so many accounts? 

Such questions can come in the mind of every person who is disturbed by having too many accounts.
Use of more bank accounts Many people want to save their income from tax but this is of no use.  In this digital era, Shwetambar's PAN card will link all his bank accounts, so that Income Tax Department can check your accounts at any time.  Let us know that the credit information bureau is already adding its debt to all banks through PAN.  Therefore, except for two or three accounts, Shwetambar should close all his other bank accounts.
If there is no activity in an account for a certain period, then the bank either deactivates such account, marks it as inactive.  If the only transaction in an account is the periodic credit of interest on the current balance, such accounts are also considered inactive.  If Shwetambar wants to use that money, he will have to activate that account again.
The simplest way for Shwetambar is that he has a main operating account, in which he can transfer money from his salary account.  He can link all his investments and payments to this main account.  Whenever he has a new job, he has to set up an electronic transfer in his main account.  Then he can easily close his old bank accounts.  This will make his life very easy.