PUBG Mobile: Keep these three things in focus, End Game can match 'Survive'

Only because of the combination of PUBG Mobile, you can not stay in the game and win matches.  To win this game you have to survive till the end game match.  If you survive in the match till the end, you will get the chance to win the match and eat chicken dinner every time.  As the game progresses, things change rapidly over time, so the player has to adjust themselves according to gameplay.
While playing the game you should share the game in three parts: Assume the initial 10-minute game as an early game.  The next 10 minutes of this game will be considered as a mid-game and the end part is assumed to be End Game.  Early games and mid-games will not be too much trouble to serve you.  Here you just have to take care of the basic of the game and save more life than the kill so that you can serve for long while playing End Game.  Now we are going to tell you about three ways that you will be able to serve in End Game.  Click here to buy PUBG Mobile Game Controller from Amazon

Tracking Safe Zone in this last phase of the game is very important.  Staying out of danger can lead to loss of time over time, so go ahead and look at Next Zone.  Tracking the Safe Zone increases the chances of surveiving.  However, you also need to be careful in this.
Tip- 2
When the zones start moving, fight should not start.  Most players have this tendency that they try to kill as soon as they see some zone on their side.  Before fitting, you have to reach the safe zone.  In this case, do not engage in any kind of gunfight unless you reach the safe zone.  That's because players join the fight before reaching the safe zone and they do not get into the Safe Zone due to excessive losses.  It may be difficult to survive or remain in the game.
Tip- 3
As the game spends fewer zones, close combat starts.  In such an event it is necessary to have 2x scope, red dot or holographic site in the inventory.  Whether you have a 4x or 8x scope, the closet combats only work on scope, red dot or holographic site.  With this help you set a target in the closet combat.  With the help of these three tips, you can survive during the End Game match and eat 'Chicken Dinner' every time.