Radhika Apte came on releasing sex scenes, quote, ill-mentality ...
Bollywood actress Radhika Apte has expressed her displeasure over the sex scene being viral in her film 'The Wedding Guest'.

Bollywood actress Radhika Apte is well known for her characters' choice of films.  Recently, a scene of Radhaika Apte and Dev Patel, the film 'The Wedding Guest', is becoming viral on social media.  But the film's sex scene is getting viral in the name of Radhika Apte only.  Now the statement of actress Radhika Apte has come about this.  Actually, in the interview to Bollywood Life, in the interview, only the name of Radhika Apte was viral, in the sex scene, it was called "the sick mentality of society".

When asked about Radhika Apte in the interview, he said, "There are many good scenes in The Wedding Guest".  Fact is that despite being such a great scene, only one scene of the film has leaked because it is a sick mentality of society.  The 33-year-old Radhika Apte expressed her displeasure and said, "The scene which is leaked, I and Dev Patel are both, but the Seen is being spread over my name only.  Why are these pictures not spreading in the name of mail lead actor Dev Patel?

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Adil Hussain, co-actor of Radhika Apte, during the film 'Parchad' in the year 2016, Adil Patel raised similar questions about the sex scene being viral.  During the interview, Adil had said, 'It shows how much people are passionate about sex in our society.  These people just leak sex scenes and there is no beautiful scene.  The movie has written only Radhika Apte's sex scene on all the scenes leaked and not Adil Hussain sex scene.  This is just because if a person does this then this is the second matter but if a woman does this sequence then she does mater.