Dancing, joking, very little things are seen when we see the communal harmony of the country spoiled.  TikTok has also become a friendly platform for such people, where they can speak anything fearlessly against the country or against any particular religion.
TikTok is an app that has always been in disputes.  TikTok has already been banned on charges of spreading obscenity.  But once again the clouds of danger are cruising on the ticket.  This time, because obscenity is not so much more serious than it is.  The government has sent a notice to Tikak and Halo asking to answer some questions.

Tiktok and Helo , both of these apps are owned by Beijing Bytedance Technology, and they belong to China.  The Ministry of Information Technology has taken this action on a complaint sent to the Prime Minister on behalf of the RSS affiliated to the RSS.  The government has asked 24 questions to answer both of them.  It is alleged that these platforms are being used in anti-national activities.  The government has warned that if the proper reply is not given till July 22, then these apps can be banned.
The main ones in these questions are as follows:

* An answer has been sought to be on the charge of anti-national activities.
* The Indian users have been asked to give the assurance that they will not give data to any foreign government or third party or private entity.

* Both the platforms have also sought answers on the initiatives made in the direction of Indian laws and investigating fake news.

* Even after infringement of childhood rules, clarification has been asked why minimum age of children has been kept for 13 years for using these platforms, whereas in India less than 18 years of age has been considered as child.

* Information about their offices and employees in India has been sought.

* In the UK, the information commission has also sought information from the Information Commission about the investigation and its results against Tikka.

* The question is whether or not they are stopped by the warning tag for young children before watching the content.

  Apps can be banned if the ticketor does not give a proper reply by July 22. 

Why is complaint of Swadeshi Jagran Manch?

 We are Indians and we should all be responsible for preserving the cultural heritage here.  But many people are misusing these social media platforms for the freedom of expression.  Recently, a girl put the dance video on the DTC bus on the tick-talk, but the bus's workers were suspended.  The girl did not make any difference  These are people who are doing anything to become just stars.  They do not matter whether they are dancing in the bus or on a place where worshiping like the Jama Masjid.  But it hurts the feelings of the people.

But junking, joking seems to be very small things when we see the communal harmony of the country is bad.  Ticket has also become a friendly platform for such people, where they can speak anything fearlessly against the country or against any particular religion.  That is, today's youth, who have been carrying the flag of freedom of expression, forgot their responsibility and made the platform their hat spit and misery.  The entire world has settled here, people who speak anything against anyone without thought.  And when these videos are shared on other platforms such as Whoospepe, people flare up and their offices are hurt.  Recently, the ticket user had banned the account of faisu because he tried to spoil the atmosphere through his video.

People like Richa Bharti also respond to this in response to this.  And their disgust is also seen on social media platforms.  Richa Bharti had reacted on this video of faisu for which she had to go to jail.  Recently, actor Ejaz Khan has also been arrested under section 153A and Section 67 for his such inflammatory video.  He gave his reaction only through video on such an inflammatory video of Payal Rohatgi.  That is, every other person is responding to some sensitive issue or person sitting in a room, and the rest are forwarding it to the next.
The question is not that how independent are you to do in the country, but the issue is that the communal atmosphere of the country is getting worse due to what you are doing.  People just do their responsibility by doing just like and forward, but every person who forwards this kind of video becomes guilty in their own right.  And the country whose sufferings have to suffer.
Platforms for platforms for hate speeches are also equally guilty.

In such a situation, none of which gets worsened is the social media app, which exploits people's weaknesses only.  The videos, which are shared much more, make the app like Tikk to reach as many people as possible to increase its reaches.  With this, the carpet of Tikkabar runs very well but the atmosphere gets deteriorated.  But why would this company of China worry about the integrity and communal harmony of India?  They have to run their business in India.  But platforms for platforms for hate speeches are also equally guilty and therefore the complaint against the Tolkoc and Halo app is not wrong.
In this regard, Tikkak says that he is serious about his responsibilities towards India and will cooperate fully with the government to fulfill his obligations.  Let us see how much Tikk has been able to cooperate with India while staying in India.  It is also necessary to cooperate because India will never go back to removing the stage which becomes the center for anti-national activities.  Not just Tikk, every social media platform will now have to understand its responsibility.